Renewal training is offered virtually through Canvas combining synchronous and asynchronous learning at a cost of $750. Participants have approximately two months to complete the self-paced training course. Licensing Agreements are renewed upon successful completion of the course and badges are earned upon the completion of each module. Trainers are enrolled in a course specific to one’s status, Field Consultant, Agency Trainer, or New Agency Trainer (certified within the last 12 months). Time frames are subject to change as more is known regarding course design and application.


  • July 1–August 30, 2024
  • October 1–November 29, 2024
  • February 3–March 28, 2025

Agency Trainer

OCDE Project GLAD® Agency Trainers are certified trainers working in their district or agency of employment.  Renewal is required within 12 months of Certification and every three years thereafter to maintain active status and provide OCDE Project GLAD® Foundations Training in their district or agency.

Submit your completed Agency Trainer application to projectgladtrainers@ocde.us.


Field Consultant

OCDE Project GLAD® Field Consultants are certified trainers working with the NTC or are working outside an educational agency as an independent consultant.  Field Consultants personally enter into contracts with educational agencies and participants to provide OCDE Project GLAD® Foundations Training and Customized Training and Support.  Field Consultants must attend Field Consultant Renewal Training every two years to remain active.  All requirements must be cleared with the NTC to be authorized to provide training.  Field Consultants must file a signed National Consultant Licensing Agreement ​with the OCDE Project GLAD® NTC.

Renewal Training date extensions are not permitted. Per the NTC policy, if there is any lapse in the Renewal process, Field Consultant status is terminated. Please ensure that you remain up to date with your training status. Contact our office for any additional assistance at 714-966-4150.

Submit your completed Field Consultant application to projectgladtrainers@ocde.us.