We are the Project GLAD® National Training Center, a government non-profit providing an integrated, balanced literacy approach to language acquisition.

We work with districts, schools, educational agencies and teachers to foster a risk-free, cross-culturally sensitive environment, where Language Learners can acquire academic language, literacy, and 21st century skills.


Project GLAD® was founded in Fountain Valley, CA more than thirty five years ago by a group of educators after they were asked to support a classroom of students who were refugees — children whose primary language wasn’t English. The educators had minimal resources and sought input from researchers specializing in second language acquisition, the brain, primary language, and reading & writing. After a decade, Project GLAD® evolved into what we know today.

After acknowledgement by both the U.S. and California Departments of Education, the model received funding for a national launch. At that point the National Training Center (NTC) was born, based out of the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE). Project Glad® remains committed to meeting the needs of educators and students through high quality implementation and sustainability. The NTC continues to work in collaboration with educational agencies to ensure students remain the first priority.