Eden Fals

Trainer Spotlight: Virtually GLAD® by Eden Fals

Two months ago, I never dreamed I’d be teaching my K-2 EL students from a laptop on my back porch. How quickly things change! My admiration for my students’ resilience compounds daily.

Trainer Spotlight: Regina Rosenzweig, Field Consultant

Hello Trainers! My name is Regina Rosenzweig, I have been married for 32 years to my wonderful husband, Doug, and two beautiful children, Bridget, 28 and Paul, 24.

Trainer Spotlight: Kate Wyffels, Field Consultant

My name is Kate Wyffels and I enjoy reading, tennis, crosswords, and learning languages. My travels include Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, US, and Europe.

Baadilla Picture

NTC Spotlight: Debra Baadilla

I have been married to my husband, Bob, for 42 years and have two beautiful children, Robert and Lauren.

Spotlight of the Month: Susan Dunkin

As some of you may know I have over 25 years working with GLAD®.. In 1994, I was first introduced to OCDE Project GLAD® when working as a substitute in Susie Weston’s classroom,