Monthly Trainer Letter

December Newsletter

Hello GLADvocates,  The beginning of this new decade came upon us quite unexpectedly, but the twists and turns of 2020 has left us as an organization fortified in our pursuit towards excellence a...

August Trainer Newsletter

Hello GLADvocates,  The school year is underway and with perseverance, innovation and our computers in hand, we are in full sail.  Navigating the terrain of distance learning amidst the on-going ...

Black Lives Matter Demonstration

May/June Trainer Letter

To say these past months have been unprecedented would not convey the gravity of our global state of affairs.

Working from home

April Trainer Letter

What a month it has been! During these unprecedented times, we have heard from trainers across the nation about the remarkable work that is being done to bring OCDE Project GLAD® connections into the...