GLAD® Corner

Encouraging Poets

Found Poetry is one of my favorite strategies that I frequently used in the classroom. I taught 4th grade and used it with every unit I taught. I will share the in-person delivery as well as how to in...

Building Relationships through Interactive Journals

As we think about new techniques to deliver the OCDE Project GLAD® strategies through Distance Learning, it is important for trainers to think about how to connect with students and to keep them engag...

Organizational Ideas for Various Strategies by Jackie Villines & Suzette Berhorst

Gathering Student Data When setting up heterogeneous teams during a demo week, it is important to have a clear picture of the  students regarding their reading level, EL status and proficiency le...

Got Sentences?

GLAD® Corner: Got Sentences?

The Sentence Patterning Chart is a great strategy to focus on vocabulary. Remember to have the Pictorial Input Chart, Graphic Organizer and the Here, There Chant within access,, the walls dripping wit...

Initial Earth Cooperative Strip Paragraph

GLAD® Corner: Deepen Your Use of the Cooperative Strip Paragraph

The Cooperative Strip Paragraph is a great tool to teach students the conventions of writing and how to effectively edit a paragraph.

GLAD Corner Classroom1

GLAD® Corner: Motivating through Literacy Awards

Literacy Awards are a great resource to use to support a student's individual behavior when working with your class as a whole group while providing access to literacy.

GLAD Pictorial

GLAD® Corner: Highlighting Clunkers and Links

OCDE Project GLAD®Strategy - Highlighting Clunkers and Links. Purpose: To support at or above grade level readers in developing close reading strategies