Early Childhood/Preschool GLAD®

Father reading a book to his daughter

Recruiting Parental Support in an Online Learning Environment

Teaching preschoolers in an online learning environment can be challenging.  Engaging active preschoolers with limited attention spans is not easy.  Preschoolers need to be engaged not only ...

Working with Preschoolers in an Online Environment

Across the nation, schools and preschools are preparing for the opening of another school year.  A new school year usually means new teachers, new classmates, new experiences, and new learning.&n...

Young Child Playing

Early Childhood: Why Play is Academic

Research tells us that in order for young children to learn, children should actively engage in their own learning, and that learning activities should be developmentally appropriate.

Miscellaneous Books

Early Childhood/Preschool GLAD®: Engaging Preschoolers at Home in Fun Ways

Research tells us that in order to support language acquisition, it is necessary to engage children in activities that encourage them to practice language.