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Assigning Teams in Breakout Rooms

The OCDE Project GLAD® model embeds classroom, team, and individual management strategies that create interaction in the classroom. Students practice language with teams and partners. They move around the classroom to bring oxygen and glucose to the brain that stimulates thinking. Students are provi...Read More

The Sunburst Mindset

The power of YET is a big factor in our success at Sunburst. If our kids understand the power of YET they will have a greater belief in themselves as well as gain better self confidence. Working with specific students in smaller groups works to give them the opportunity to learn their own voice and ...Read More

Glad Strategies for learnings

We believe that our students needs to have multiple opportunities  to rehearse their learning. The T Graph is a great was to get student’s feedback.  During our training Ms. Martinez shared a great Growth Mindset activity that we could use tomorrow in our classrooms. Alejandra, Art and Liz

Best Practices to Support Adolescent Learners

The development of Growth Mindset is a primary focus at Sunburst Youth Academy. One of the ways that we attempt to promote student confidence by having them recognize the language that goes with a fixed vs. a growth mindset.