Dual Language and GLAD for the ESD

Currently, I am a principal at a newly establish Dual Language school, therefore the topic of DL and using GLAD strategies effectively in Module 3 of our recertification really spoke impacted my approach as a leader and Tier 3 trainer. I know it is possible to grow my reach effectively and efficiently. I shared my info flyer with the currently director of Multilingual Services and I also shared my Quarterly Plan. I hope to fully implement the plan in both schools. Once a month, the entire building of both Dual Language schools have Professional Development sessions for three hours. I plan of using the Quarterly Plan using GLAD district trainers in these monthly PD sessions. When I was a classroom teacher 95% of my students came in at risk of academic failure and when the left in June 95% were at benchmark and I believe it was due to using integrated units with GLAD strategies. I want to see the same growth school wide at the school I currently lead. I am the first and only Latina leader and I want to demonstrate the effectiveness of using GLAD for student academic success at a school and district wide. 

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